The mission of the church is to:

  • Corporately worship God.
  • Train up the Body of Christ, (the church), to maturity.
  • Reach beyond the church into the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

This is an enormous undertaking and, simply looking at the magnitude of it, could cause a person to lose sight of how to accomplish the task. Not only is it huge, but also it is also very general. We operate within these perimeters for general direction.

The mission tells us that we exist to do ministry. How does a church become successful following such a broad mission? God gives each church a unique and distinctive calling. There is something specific He has designed for them. This is called “vision” or our “specific purpose.”

Vision is the tangible development and strategic pursuit of the mission.

It is the vision that moves a church from the big picture to the narrowing of their focus.

Like shifting focus from the entire ball field to a specific position, such as, first or second base. This specifically is why Old Town is in the Old Town District. To be able to play on this part of the field instead of a church that is in direct competition with so many other churches. Old Town was birthed with a vision distinctly different than others. Not only are we not in competition with other fellowships but many of them are helping with our vision by sending their people to help in the Soup Kitchen and Baby Pantry as well as giving financial support to keep them running.

Vision helps church members understand the difference between churches and their purposes. Vision gives each church a distinct identity and direction to purpose.

There are over 400 churches in the Mid-Michigan area and all of us share the same mission. But no one else shares our vision. "Where there is no vision, the people perish" - Proverbs 29:18.

Vision helps us to keep our focus and not spend time, energy and resources on areas outside our purpose. There are many good things that can be done but God doesn’t call us to do all things. Clarifying our vision helps the church members to understand their purpose and why we don’t help with worthwhile projects such as “Habitat for Humanity”, or hold revival meetings.

Bonnie and I want you to know the vision God gave us when Old Town began.

  • The vision was to start a church in the Old Town District that would be a multi-ethnic, casual dress, accepting and loving Body of Believers.
  • Our staff will lead with character and integrity and will be servants of the Lord honoring this church family.
  • We will be aggressive and eager to take the Gospel outside the walls of the church and draw the lost to Church by showing His love. We will share the essentials of Christianity instead of our individual theological teachings when we are outside the church. (Micah 6:9)
  • We will not operate by a list of do’s and don’ts but will allow new believers to grow in the Lord through conviction of the Holy Spirit and sound Biblical teaching. (John 16:8)
  • As we become involved in the lives of others outside the church, loving them and ministering to their needs, we’ll see them come to know the Lord. This is why ministries such as the Soup Kitchen, Baby Pantry, Celebrate Recovery, rest homes, jails and Kairos Center began.
  • We will build the church by reaching the poor and needy. Also, through those who believe in outreach who are willing to roll up their sleeves by giving of their finances and their prayers. (Matthew 25:31-46)
  • We do not focus on finances or pass an offering plate. We teach the importance, purpose and blessing of giving the tithe, but trust God for the outcome. (Malachi 3:10)
  • As your pastor, I will preach sound doctrine so that the average person can understand and grow in the things of God. Old Town will not be involved in every new fad or movement that passes through the Body of Christ. But we will deliver stayed and true Bible backed teachings. I desire to see each believer become a disciple and not just a convert. (2 Timothy 4:3, Hebrews 13:9, Nehemiah 8:8)
  • Our vision is to empower people to fulfill the goals and dreams God has given them. (Ecclesiastes 4:9-12, 2 Timothy 2:2)
  • Our children will be taught about Jesus and His love like every church, but in the process we will demonstrate racial love, acceptance and harmony.
  • Everyone needs a church and all are welcome. This may mean that some look different, smell different or even act different, but all are welcome and we will shun no one. This does not mean that we will allow troubled individuals to act any way they want to. We keep a good watch on conduct and security.
  • Old Town is a team building church. We are only one part of the Body of Christ. There are many other parts of the Body that believe a little differently than we do, but they are still brothers and sisters and we will not tear down but will build them up.
  • World evangelism has a place at Old Town. We support and pray for missionaries and mission organizations around the world as well as those here at home.

God wants to impact this world through us. It is important that we know and understand the purpose of Old Town Christian Outreach Center. Bonnie, the pastoral staff and I cannot fulfill this vision. Our job is to impart it to our congregation. The only way this vision can be accomplished is when the Old Town Church family picks it up and calls it their own.

You are invited to be a part of God’s vision for Saginaw through Old Town Christian Outreach Center.


600 Gratiot Avenue
Saginaw, MI 48602

Tel: (989) 249-8696