Lay Ministers

The Purpose...Every Church has it’s individual vision and purpose. Old Town Christian Outreach Center began in 1996 with the purpose of reaching out into the community with the Gospel of Jesus Christ in very innovative and creative ways. This can only be done by an army of trained, and equipped servants of God. Throughout church history there have been waves of refreshing revivals, and at the heart of each of them was an army of lay Christians or lay ministers.

These believers were not the professional clergy, but had a burning in their hearts for more of God and wanted to tell the world about Him. They realized the command Jesus gave us to go into the entire world with the Gospel and they simply did it! Their methods were non-traditional and often the organized church did not approve of them because it did not fit into their organized structure. These lay ministers were not concerned about pleasing the established church but wanted to please their Heavenly Father, and were led by the Holy Spirit. As the pastor of Old Town, I want to train and equip many to do everything God is asking of them whether or not it fits into the existing structure.

Old Town Lay Minister’s Institute is designed to release an army of trained and equipped soldiers into the Saginaw Valley.


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