Amp'd Youth

Amp'd Youth Ministry

Amp’d Youth is a group of teenagers ranging in age from 14-18. We represent a family of young believers having a blast, learning that we have been created with a purpose. Amp’d Youth is not religion driven, but relationship driven. We engage with each other on personal levels, outside the walls of the church as well as inside. Some of us are involved, excited and on fire for the Lord, while others are new and just coming to see what we are all about. But, it doesn’t matter what spiritual level we are on, there is Christian love flowing from our leaders, Nate and Mel Tate. We are here to grow and mature in our walk with the Lord.

Amp’d Youth also has a Youth Praise Band. Although, it is in the beginning stage, it is amazing, that so many teenagers commit and use their talents to serve God and His people. We have all kinds of fun going to concerts like (Cedar Point’s POINTFEST, The Rock and Worship Roadshow), lock-ins, paintball, and talent shows. Sometimes it is just a night where we watch a move to escape from everyday life and take a break.

We are learning that God wants us to have fun, but He also wants to be included in our fun! This is the most important relationship that is being built, our relationship with God; because knowing Hi gives us a purpose.

The Youth who walk our doors are sue to feel loved and learn about a Savior that yearns for a relationship with them, while they are having a ball. Fun is just a by product of living for God Amp’d!

If you are 14-18 years old, come and see for yourself at 6:30 pm Wednesday evenings.


600 Gratiot Avenue
Saginaw, MI 48602

Tel: (989) 249-8696